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My experiences: Fantastic learning experience, helping us to self-dive and introspect the areas where we need to improve to enhance our effectiveness. The approach to achieve this is explained in a very detailed manner through this training. I plan to pick-up two areas at a time and build on them to make it a habit.

Entire exercise is very much useful to me, though I am refined my mission statement, still I feel to sharp it more like big rocks which I try to find and complete but few of them miss every week due to other occupied appointments. First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful session of "The 7 Habits of highly effective people" at our Corporate Office. It was indeed a good learnings and a lot of great things I personally came to know with the experiences you shared during the training. Secondly please accept my apologies for replying a bit late.

It was a great program. The 3 takeaways for me which I could immediately identify and absorb are as below :. I thought of giving you updates on some of the actions I have initiated post the training on 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. I have started re-started would be appropriate my morning walk, along with my wife. We find some time for chit-chat heart during this half-an- hour walk. This time I have a resolve to re-start even if the routine breaks during travel etc.

Last weekend, I went through the entire course material and prepared a long presentation. Rajashekar and I did a knowledge sharing session on 25th Feb with rest of the top management team and first line managers in our company. In this competitive world we have to strive for excellence.

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I would like to practice the leadership behaviours and also act on feedback recd. It is my gratitude to FranklinCovey for considering and nourishing me in the aspects of life where I was lacking. The learning given me lot and build more confidence in leading regular life in personal as well as professional.

There is a lot of change in me in communicating and negotiating. I am not much worry as earlier at the same time things moving as well. I would like to thank you for superb execution of "Speed of Trust" program for our distributors. The program conducted on Feb,19 was simply excellent and well appreciated by the participants. The content and course delivery was very effective and will definitely help the participants in their personal and professional lives. Thanks for the program which was great to learn and facilitator spent lots of good learning time with great experiences with us.

Many things we knew but never implemented in our life which was eye opening for myself. I would like to thank everyone, for this the workshop. I am glad , I was given the opportunity to attend it. Thank you for follow up mail. I really enjoyed the workshop. All the 7 habits are important to become effective leader in personal and professional life. Few have been already following in my professional life but may not be strictly.

Here are the my three takeaways from the 7 habits workshop. We all were fortunate to have a Trainer like you who has simplified such a Complex Subject into a very Simple one like an Transparent Water which is originated from a Spring. I always believed in making emotional deposits. However this attribute became stronger after I heard it at the 7 habits workshop once again. I always give a helping hand whenever anyone demands and then feel completely satisfied after extending help. At present my complete focus is to help my Mother In Law who keeps forgetting things and keeps on asking same thing again and again.

I very patiently help her out everyday. Thank you for sending this reminder. It is so motivating and brings us back to the roots. Please keep sending us. All these can only be achieved by getting it in our daily habits and practicing it, I have started implementing some of the basic concepts on daily lifestyle whether at work or home. I am very much proud and fortunate enough to be a part this esteemed Workshop.

The major take away from the program are as below :. I would like to thanks entire "Franklin Covey" team, for conducting such a wonderful, relevant and life transforming training sessions. It has increased my productivity and collaboration effectiveness within my team, multiple times. I have taken more good things and esp.

The three most important things that I am going to implement in my day to day work-life are As per the present scenario, I am doing my work proactively.

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So, I would like to have other two habits on board to become independent. I am very much hopeful that these habits would take me to the next level. It is always very difficult to imbibe new habits. I am still in the phase of learning the 7 habits. Also I am consciously trying Habit 5 being the poor listener till date. I will definitely cascade the learnings to my team and also implement the same in my personal life as well. This training is life changing for me , am p[practicing each and every moment of my day to day work to live in this habit.

The session was really transformational and consisted of all the insights that were helpful to put 7 Habits in action. I have reviewed my Personal Mission statement again after the workshop and have already installed the app. I wish to enhance the application of these principles. I hope to seek advise and assistance from franklin. Today is the PRM meeting, we accomplished our task. My accountability partner is also from same profession and pass through similar situation while working in organization.

But it helps to understand others view on same subject and also encourage to listen others view empathically. It was a great learning session and has opened a Positive Paradigm of success ahead for a win -win situations. For me the three tale away are:. It was a very satisfying workshop with a lot of takeaways. Though, in our day to day life personal as well as professional , we exercise quite a few things but still knowing them and knowing their effects through this workshop have enlightened a lot.

I am committed to practice all the learning to become more effective. Regarding implementing my learnings, the process the already started, rather I would say that it was earlier also there but many a times it used to lose the track on some activities, which would not happen now. I have recently joined new department. The first learning of cultural ethics is getting implemented.

I am stressing my new team to know and understand their jobs, the products which they sell, master the process which is used to get the processing done etc. I am also teaching them on how to be proactive with live examples and importance of pause before responding. I am trying to teach them the importance of being inter-dependent, Quadrant II of time Metrics and also Emotional Bank account.

Thanks for imparting the valuable knowledge during the workshop. The immediate learning from you is to "Laugh out Loud". The Habit of Vision to sustain and grow in the V. It has been a great and enriching learning experience for me personally by going through this signature training program.

I want to take up all these learnings with the team in an informal way. Teaching the team with theory would not work and hence building up the conversation with practical and daily work items would help them to relate in a better way. Earlier I was nonbeliever over such sessions which can change the character. Now it is really proving to me even that on every single when I come across in discussion with my team or plan my work..

I am trying to establish Trust with Peers and Colleagues and meanwhile extending to other department colleagues. This was not just a workshop, I feel this was the first step towards changing perception. The Key take aways for me are:. Paradigm shift: every person has his own paradigm through which he works or every person has his own process.

If we can align ourselves with that then it would be easier for everyone to function. We shift our paradigms. This was a great experience to learn about leadership. I personally like the course material and our instructor. My best take away is as follows. It has really reduced the excess and miscommunication and we find overselves able to plan and execute the work in right manner. There is a situation where I could not achieve sales target of a product and pushing my team to achieve this. I have changed the approach by changing reactive behavior and language to overcome the situation.

Now some proactive language and good analyzing techniques is helping me toward achieving the target. And I am confident within stipulated time frame, I would be able to achieve target with my same team member and they would also achieve their target. I have understood the importance of Being Trustworthy — How it accelerates day to day job. With Trust things moves very fast and favorable for achieving our targets Individual and Organizational.

I really appreciate the program I have gone through about "The 7 habits of highly effective people". It was an excellent learning experience for me and I have gained a lot in these days. It was a huge learning experience. I know I need to pull my socks and get into the execution and implementation of the above learnings. I have already started that. I take my family for granted and hence, I have started talking to them in a polite way rather than reacting. I have understanding things, why they say that or do that and where exactly I am going wrong.

Started Prioritizing my work on Personal and Professional ground. Also, have started focusing on Self. One on one meeting with almost of my colleagues working under me by treating them Whole Body Person to know their priorities in life. It has helped me in Trust building in the team.

These are three points that I have added in my work place post my Project Management workshop:. Thank you for the wonderful two day Learning session. Each habit had something to offer, however the key takeaways for me have been the following:. I liked the training. It was a very pleasant experience to attend such an interactive and an informative training session conducted by FC. Great Trainer. The top three take awaysfrom. I would definitely try to implement and share my learning with my team members for best possible results.

It is pleasent experience to practicising the 7 habits in our daily life of office as well personal also. The recently concluded workshop on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People gave me another perspective as to how I can enhance the way I look at my personal and professional life. It is an fantastic learning session for two days attending the 7 Habits signature programme. Our facilitator also helped us to understand the same very easily. We are thankful Mr. Covey and our trainer to help us learn new. As a participant I am grateful for the knowledge imparted during the workshop which was enjoyable and interactive.

Personally I feel though I may have been observing some of the habits it is necessary to give it a proper direction to get the desired results. That is where the workshop has helped in making us understand. Your way of conducting the workshop was liked by one and all participants and is commendable. I have already expressed my satisfaction to the learning team of our Company for making me part of this workshop. Thanks for your guidance and coaching. It would be a pleasure to be associated once again in future. High Trust is crucial it helps empower your team and builds confidence in them to take decisions and helps them grow.

It also gives you the scope to do larger things and not micro manage there by also increasing your area of influence. The program was presented in an enthusiastic, very insightful and interactive way. The content and examples can be related not only to work environments but also to events and situations in daily life.

This program made me feel refreshed and motivated me to do better at both home and work to achieve goals I ignored due to daily chores. Thank you very much for the enthralling 7 habits workshop. I am very much pleased to attend the session for 2 days. It is the life changing experience for me. I wish God give me courage to follow the 7 habits zealously through out my life. Session we had on the 7 habits was highly motivating and I am applying most of the take aways in my daily life ever since. It was very good and energetic session, although overall workshop was worthy and specifically my 3 take away are:.

It has been a wonderful experience to attend a training session in Multan regarding subject. The change what i am feeling is the gaining of confidence by adopting "Proactive Approach" in managing the assigned task well before time and to keep in mind the alternate solution of possible adversarie. One of the major changes which I have experienced in my life is the existence of paradigms i. I have discovered that when I am able to understand the exact reality as it is, then I am better prepared to deal with tough situations later.

I am now more open to discuss with people issues, concerns instead of just making up images, thought patterns based on my own understanding. Of course I could not have this understanding when I was growing up but nevertheless I can work even now. I have drafted a mission statement for myself now. Other peoples emotions should not control my behaviour. I need to listen with the intent to understand. One of excellent examples which inspired me is that of Viktor Frankl who exercised the power to choose his response to his terrible conditions.

Definitely we are in a much better condition compared to his. So there exists lot of potential to improve which I will continue to do. The ineffective habit, i think that i had with me is that i tend to beleive any person in no time and i usually share everything with that person not keeping any secrets of mine but as the time passes i usually end up having betrayed and abandoned. The effective habit of mine might be I dillute myself with any people having no age limits and any surroundings so that i communicate well with them and i m somewhat successful enough to make my place in their heart and the people in contact with me really takes me as one of their best well-wisher.

Thankyou very much for the nice reminder. It was a wonderful experinece of having a training session from farnklincovey Pakistan.

What is PWN Global Mentoring?

I certainly would like vail the similar opportunities in near future. It was like a source of insipiration and motivation lighted in myself and i am trying to transmit it to my family, friends and colleagues. I think the take aways from this workshop were to take control of life, plan it and develop it, for personal and public victory. I am trying to implement my effective paradigm to understand my kids. I used to shout if I see them doing mischievous things. I can never forget the example of the redwood tree in the program.

I am now focussing on character building, character is universal, timeless, objective and once built shall always be at work. Building character at some level is becoming a better person, better colleague, better family man and a better humanitarian. Its living a life of honesty, rightfulness and forthrightness. In the program I learnt how to be proactive not reactive context based reaction , Time matrix differentiating the urgent and not urgent works and how to sharpen the saw keep on improving the skills as my top take aways.

Its mind blowing experience , we are feeling relaxed and enjoying the work as have started working with 7- Habits. FranklinCovey's Qualifying Opportunities and Closing the Sale training sessions were great learning experience for me. Finally, I would like to thank our trainer who made the session so interesting and energetic till the end. We have started practising synergy in our team as it a very effective technique.

We are more tolerant, having more patience to accept the opinion of others and ready to accept differences in people and to look for third alternative. When we applied it to our in our own scenario organization we have understood how the synergy here and how could it be helpfulas a team. It was a great session on Great Leaders and I must compliment pur facilitator on the tireless efforts in keeping it so alive. Method: I am supposed to co-ordinate with a lot of departments.

Though I would like to say that these Synergising skills are always required, these have been further polished and done more meticulously in the last week after finding the bigger and smaller rocks. Thank you for such a wonderful training, it was very insightful and interactive. Content of this training is really helpful in both of my workplace and personal life. Each habit is useful and need to be implemented equally but considering my nature of job and my work place below are the three take aways from many which I have gained and will implement.

I have started thinking about the situation and started to think from the other persons shoe. This is helping me to think and decide in a way how best it can benefit both of us. This takes time to perfect but if I develop this I think I can come out with blazing covers in most of my situation. As far as my Mission I am still fine tuning it and am givning my self 10 mins a day to re write it..

This is the time I spend for myself and it give me a great feeling which I have never done. Many thanks for taking us through such an interesting workshop. I have decided to take ahead followings with my team post discussion with my senior in detail:. It was very good experience for me to learn, How I grow good things in my behaviour? I want to implement these learning on my workplace with positive energy i. I have been wanting to attend this program for long and happy though late finally I could make it last week.

Though exeperience is valued but it also comes with baggage and first step is to unlearn and recalibrate my approach. Since, I've taken up a new job, I'll have opportunity o implement my learning with-out any prejudice or bias. It gives me confidence to face any situations in my life. My key takeaways are:. I would like to improve my professional life to lean new technologies surrounds me also to improve my competency.

One of the key ways of making deposits in emotional bank accounts is keeping commitments. However both these have had an epic shift in my ability to keep commitments and making deposits in emotional bank account. One key learning now is the amount of activities and experience my son and I are able to pack in over the weekend.

The training was quite good and useful to me. I want to specifically highlight the below points:. The 7 Habits Review session held on Saturday was fantastic and people appreciated it. The participants were very happy and seemed to have enjoyed the session. Though all 18 participants from the original session could not make it due to personal reasons but I feel they would regret not attending, after listening the feedback. I have never got an opportunity to do live trading session with my team.

But, I think if I get this opportunity that will be beneficial for my team members. Then I can start taking live trading session individually so that they can understand market conditions easily how market behave in different time zones. Feedback of meeting is that I understand more precisely what are the problems faced by my team members in achieving their goals. They need motivation and guidance so that they can build their confidence which helps to improve their performance. I would want to achieve private victory by being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first.

The tools and research that I use as a mentor are very much effective and that can be seen from the over all performance of the team. All the things are running smoothly and providing with appropriate output. All of us enjoyed and had a great session on Project Management. It was a great learning and the handouts are useful and serve to remind us of the key learnings. Thanks for organising this training program. My execution of plan. What are the top 3 challenges you face with your team's priorities and execution.

What are the best practices that have worked for you so far. Please reply to us quoting examples. Trades are taken after market opens as volatility in market increases. This is helping the team to incur less losses and achieve daily profits which helps to achieve monthly profit. Taking less trades or minimal losses is helping the team to achieve monthly targets. This startegy is changing the attitude of members..

Even if they achieve loss it has become minimal. So I have asked the team to set target for themselves. This target is compared with the weekly performance. If it's not achieved then together new idea or plan is considered for achievement. This scoreboard is helping thems to measure their own performance and be consistent or better. For new intern- it is very difficult to explain back-end process of work and to change their mindset with organisation six mind set For Trainee dealer- to mange their ego as they are more experienced and senior who are working under me I have tried to build relation and trust and its under control now some of them got good experience of mine now its going smoothly.

The program is very good for its contents and helped me in modifying my way of doing things day to day. All habits are good and each has a direct correlation with each other, hence to get good results all habits to be practiced as well as linked together to get the needed results. It was indeed a great learning I had during the 7 Habits of highly effective people workshop held on 18thth Nov.

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A one of a kind workshop with so many aspects that I have learnt and revisited through the 7 habits. Whilst I like to believe that I picked up on all 7 habits, it would be a little less than the truth because it truly takes time to work on each habit diligently. I have started to practice a few promises that I have made with myself and they have brought a wonderful change in me physically and mentally.

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I keep my focus on private victories whenever I feel something is not making sense and it makes me stronger and more proactive and less reactive. An individual has to start building his trustworthiness by having a right balance of his character and competency. Empower knowledge to the group. Maintain a knowledge base via proper documentation and resources.

Habits are overlapping components of knowledge, attitude and skill. They are interrelated, interdependent and sequential. The first three habits Being Proactive, Begin with the end in mind and Put First Things first helps us to achieve Private Victory and progress from dependence to independence. The workshop was a great learning opportunity for me. Specifically, the goal setting exercise Habit 2 has helped me pen down my thoughts on where I want to be.

The lesson on Circle of Influence and Circle of concern is quite useful in focussing on what we can do to mitigate situations Habit 1. I am sharing my experience as I have started practicing these habits. I am becoming increasingly aware of change in my effectiveness and the feeling of being in control or being responsible. I consciously practiced two habits more than the others. I wore these two lenses and analyzed my actions or contemplated actions thru these lenses. Being proactive helps me to focus my energy on action instead of worrying about things I have no or little control over.

The other habits gave me the Aha experience multiple times. It was a nice conducted workshop, apart from some big vocabulary words, which sometimes you get lost into, when may be initially you might have understood. Though there were several things, which were takeaways for me, but right now I may not remember everything. But to put down 3 of them are mentioned below. This program is one of the very good program I attended. I like the Maturity Continuum where I learn the how our habits shapes our life to achieve desire result.

Some of these habits are followed but not consistently. I will try to follow it consistently. Also like the Emotional bank account which would help me to improve on relations. And Habit 5, which I believe that want to follow but when it most required I forget it. So henceforth I will try to follow it consciously. Please find enclosed herewith on the job learning experienced during few days after demonetisation.

Whole-person paradigm: The academic background of each member of the two teams is different. While assigning tasks I must take into account the person as a whole: what his physical and mental capabilities are and how I must engage their mind, spirit, heart and body for assigned tasks. Levels of engagement: what choices are the team members making in reflecting their commitment to work: 1 Rebel; 2 Malicious Obedience; 3 Willing Compliance; 3 Cheerful Cooperation; 4 Heartfelt Commitment; 5 Creative Excitement. In my teams there are members who respond negatively to a direction given and then there is a need to convince them to follow the directive.

Thanks for the wonderful workshop. Below are the list items that I would like to start working on. The couple of days we spent has made us more emotionally stable and our perspective towards life has changed. It created an awareness that the 7 habits are for our internal knowledge which can be applied on the personal front or at the work place.

My top three takeaways from this workshop and how I want to implement my learning with my teams would be:. Habit 1: Be Proactive Adopt Proactive behavior When confronted with a situation like a team member not finishing the work accurately despite proper guidance, a proactive behavior should be adopted instead of being reactive and losing patience.

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  4. That will enable to keep the mind clear and think about other alternatives. Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind Envision outcomes before action Setting clear agenda before every meeting will help achieve objectives for all stakeholders. Also setting clear goals for team members and explaining what is expected out of them will enable them to perform well. As I am little Bulky 92 Kgs , Height cms , I would like to give priority on reducing my body weight. It was really a good feeling. I am going to continue this, One day fasting on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of Every month as it was a off for us.

    Also, planning to have one hour session with my son for every week end to brush-up his Mathematics exercises. This program is more for personal or self-development, than professional, as it is a composite or a holistic approach to life which comprises of Private life, Personal Life, Professional Life, Social life, Spiritual etc. This program has been very interesting and well structured. I could connect with most parts of the program and looking forward for imbibing them in my daily life. She has been excellent in whole training process. I have been gone through so many training process.

    It is my feeling that she really wants to help the people with her through knowledge and experience. She is the best trainer I have gone through. The targets for the month are clearly defined at the beginning of the month by 3rd and weekly follow up is done. Although there is a ranking system for every month it is required as we follow a bell curve system and it becomes difficult to justify at the end of the year during the appraisal the celebration is done only when the department score is in excess of 80 points.

    Since the work environment is in a factory premise and the factory rule applies to all individuals so generally the atmosphere is of Industrial Age workers. Whatever things are under my control try and incorporate the learnings and use the knowledge worker rule to the best of my capabilities.

    We received great feedback for your session and the conference. We appreciate the level of engagement and energy you brought to the discussion. The action plan whatever I had set to practice to take right decision at right time for that follow the behavior on pause and respond based on principle, use proactive language and behavior, receive negative feedback without becoming defensive and be sincere about time management. Even though its ongoing process I feel better than before and it is keeping on me more energetic and motivated toward achieve target of my personal and professional level.

    I also shared about it with my team members and they also appreciated and taken it as a way of living effective life. Though the whole training content was excellent but the top most 3 take away for me from this training are:. Truly speaking attending this program has been a life changing even for me. Following are the three key takeaways for me from this program:. While there are many more takeaways from the program I feel that the above three will be most difficult and time consuming and once they are understood and implemented, I will have my path set for habits that will take me towards Interdependence.

    Thanks for wonderful messages and support for my growth. Just wanted to share my experience while practicing habit 1. I started off by planning my week before the start of the week. I choose few big rocks and locked them in my calendar. I did a Teach To Learn session with my accountability partner and shared with him how I will try to be proactive and fulfill my commitments for the week.

    And I can proudly say that I achieved all my big rocks for the week and the only reason why I was able to do so was because I was proactive. Dear Team — FranklinCovey ,. There are many take aways —. Once again thank you to FranklinCovey - Team and also would like to thanks all the participants for sharing their experiences. At the outset, I would like to thank you guys for the great learning at the workshop. It was indeed a great experience in terms of widening my horizons. Based on your LQ data and your own judgment, what do you need to do to increase credibility and build trust?

    This is something which was not tried before me. I need to make it successful or in other words deliver results in the new ideas on which the team is working. Are there specific individuals with whom you need to build trust? List their names below and the actions you will take. List any specific behaviors of trust that apply.

    I will make a checklist, listing all the positive points as well as areas where I need improvement. This will help me to begin with the end in mind. I will review this periodically to ensure the paradigms chosen by me are effective. This way I can be effective both with my self-development and my teams development. It was a very effective workshop right from its start. Although we know of these Habits, not often do we put them to use or rather we don't know how to exercise these habits effectively. This workshop has taught me how to exercise these habits so that it brings out the best not only in me but also the people I interact with every day be it home or office.

    It is very difficult to pin point the top three, cause every habit has its own significance. As I have learnt during our learning session, here I will share my experience for the same. It was as per the management requirement. In this context I found that it will be difficult to complete the job as per the target time. After a thought process I listed out all the activity which was required to meet the target date. Based on that I worked out the time required to complete the job, it has came as it will get completed in 2 days, where as target was to complete the activity in 1 day only.

    Than with the help of list I started working that which are the work I can complete in advance i. And again I have stretched my working hours to complete the balance job and able to meet the target time. Hence, by listing out my work I was able to plan the activity accordingly to meet the target the date. And in turn got appreciation from our HOD also. Most of the time it is seen that there is a communication gap between two individuals while spelling out the expectations. Likewise, the fewer yearnings you put on the top shelf, the more likely those on the top shelf will be to thrive.

    Your time and energy are severely limited, so this is a zero-sum compromise. The amateur mistake is to be too liberal with the NN bowl and top shelf and too sparing with the large bottom shelf. But like the rest of your hierarchy decisions, your criteria for what qualifies as trash should be derived from your own deep thought, not from what others tell you is and is not trash.

    Yearnings and fears are impatient and bad at seeing the big picture. Many of the people who have done wonders to make the world better got there on a path that started with selfish motives like wealth or personal fulfillment—motives their moral tentacle probably hated at first. The Want Box deals with what you find desirable. The Reality Box is the same deal. The goal of self-reflection is to bring both of these boxes as close to accuracy as possible. For our Want Box audit, we looked under the hood of the Want Box and found its settings—your yearnings and fears.

    When we open the hood of your Reality Box, we see a group of beliefs. For a career option to qualify for your Reality Box, your potential in that career area has to measure up to the objective difficulty of achieving success in that area. There are traditional careers—stuff like medicine or law or teaching or a corporate ladder, etc. Then there are less traditional careers—the arts, entrepreneurship, non-profit work, politics, etc. These are perfectly reasonable assumptions—if you live in A general conception, a common opinion, an oft-cited statistic 7 —none of which have actually been verified by you, but all of which are treated as gospel by society.

    These problems then extend to how we view our own potential. These are only a few examples of the slew of delusions and misconceptions we tend to have about how great careers happen. I have no idea, mostly. And I think most people have no idea. Things are just changing too quickly. If you can figure out how to get a reasonably accurate picture of the real career landscape out there, you have a massive edge over everyone else, most of whom will be using conventional wisdom as their instruction booklet. Pretty stressful, but also incredibly exciting.

    A career path is like a game board. This is promising news. If you simply understand what the game board really looks like and play by modern rules, you have a huge advantage. And this brings us to you and your particular strengths. With enough time, could you get good enough at this game to potentially reach whatever your definition of success is in that career? The distance starts with where you are now—point A—and ends with you reaching your definition of success, which we can draw with a star.

    The length of the distance depends on where point A is how far along you are at the current moment and where the star is how lofty your definition of success is. But the game boards in less traditional careers often involve many more factors. Acting ability is only one piece of that puzzle—you also need a knack for getting yourself in front of people with power, a shrewdness for personal branding, an insane amount of optimism, a ridiculous amount of hustle and persistence, etc. If you get good enough at that whole game—every component of it—your chances of becoming an A-list movie star are actually pretty high.

    So how do you figure out your chances of getting to any particular star? What makes someone slower or faster at improving at a career game? Your level of chefness. Careers are complex games that almost everyone starts off bad at—then the chefs improve rapidly through a continual loop…. Your work ethic. This one is obvious. Someone who works on their career 60 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, is going to move down the path almost four times faster than someone who works 20 hours a week, 40 weeks a year.

    Someone who chooses a balanced lifestyle will move slower than a single-minded workaholic. Someone who frequently breaks from work to daydream or pick up their phone is going to get less done in each work hour than someone who practices deep focus. Your natural abilities. Talent does matter. Smarter, more talented people will improve at a game at a faster rate than less naturally gifted people. But intelligence and talent are only two types of natural ability that come into play here.


    Depending on the type of career, social skills can be critically important as well. In many careers, likable or subtly manipulative people have a big advantage over less likable people—and those who enjoy socializing will put in more people hours over time, and build deeper relationships, than antisocial types. Persistence is simpler than pace. A car going 30 mph that quits driving after 15 minutes gets a lot less far than a car that drives 10 mph for two hours. And this is why persistence is so important.

    A few years is just not enough time to traverse the typically long distances it takes to get to the raddest success stars, no matter how impressive your pace. Your Real Strengths and W eaknesses. When we list our strengths, we tend to list our areas of existing skill more than anything else. Instead, strengths should be all about pace and persistence qualities. Originality or lack thereof should be a critical component of the discussion, making qualities like agility and humility trademark chef traits notable strengths, and qualities like stubbornness 8 or intellectual laziness classic cook traits important weaknesses.

    The subtleties of work ethic, like a knack for deep focus or a propensity to procrastinate, should also be a major part of the discussion, as should natural abilities beyond talent, like savvy and likability. Qualities related to persistence, like resilience and determination and patience, should be thought of as promising strengths, while a social tentacle clamoring to appear successful as quickly as possible should be viewed as a bright red flag.

    This lesson applies to specific skills—but most general pace and persistence qualities can also be worked on and improved if you focus on them. This would be an impossibly big list, only ruling out paths that are clearly far too long for you to traverse at your maximum possible pace on the path like me chasing a career as an Olympic figure skater. To complete our Reality Box audit with that caveat, we need to evaluate:.

    For those paths, evaluate your starting point, based on your current skills, resources, and connections relevant to that field. Think about end points and where on each line your star should be placed. Make an initial estimate for what your pace of improvement might be on these various game boards, based on your current pace-related strengths and how much you think you can improve at each of them in other words, how much your speed might be able to accelerate. You take your game board and make it a line, you plot starting points and success stars that together generate the various distances in front of you, and for each, you multiply your pace by your level of persistence.

    A from-first-principles Reality Box audit may bring some overly optimistic people down to Earth, but I suspect that for most, an audit will leave them feeling like they have a lot more options than they realized, empowering them to set their sights on a bolder direction. A good Reality Box reflection warrants yet another Want Box reflection.

    How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)

    Reframing a bunch of career paths in your mind will affect your level of yearning for some of them. One career may seem less appealing after reminding yourself that it will entail thousands of hours of networking or multiple decades of pre-success struggle. Another may seem less daunting after changing your mind about how much luck is actually involved. This brings us to the end of our long, two-part deep dive. After a fairly exhausting box-auditing process, we can return to our Venn 10 diagram.

    Assuming some things have changed, you have a new Option Pool to look at—a new list of options on the table that seem both desirable to your high-priority rankings and possible to achieve. If there had been a clear arrow on your map before your audit, check out your new Option Pool. Remember, going from a false arrow to a question mark is always major progress in life. And actually, a new question mark implies having made the key cliff jump on two roller coasters: getting to know yourself and getting to know the world.

    Major step in the right direction. Cross out the arrow and join the question mark crowd. Now the question mark crowd has a tough choice. You gotta pick one of the arrows in the Option Pool. Careers used to be kind of like a year tunnel. You picked your tunnel, and once you were in, that was that. You worked in that profession for 40 years or so before the tunnel spit you out on the other side into your retirement. The truth is, careers have probably never really functioned like year-tunnels, they just seemed that way. At best, traditional careers of the past played out kind of like tunnels.

    But crusty old conventional wisdom has a lot of us still viewing things that way, which makes the already hard job of making big career path choices much harder. It enhances the delusion that what we do for work is a synonym for who we are, making a question mark on your map seem like an existential disaster.

    When you think of your career as a tunnel, the stakes to make the right choice seem so high that it explodes the feeling of tyranny of choice. For perfectionist types especially, this can be utterly paralyzing. When you think of your career as a tunnel, you lose the courage to make a career switch, even when your soul is begging for it. It makes switching careers feel incredibly risky and embarrassing, and it suggests that someone who does so is a failure. But conventional wisdom still tells many of us that careers are tunnels. And of course, that landscape—and those game boards—will have themselves evolved.

    Popular psychologist Dan Gilbert also eloquently describes just how bad we are at predicting what will make us happy in the future. Pretending you can figure out what dot 2 or 4 or 8 should be now is laughable. Future dots are the worry of a future, wiser you living in a future world. Dot 1 is your chance to test it out. Hypothesis testing is intuitive in the dating world. You have to get some experience dating this person to learn what you need to learn to make that decision. We can all agree that this hypothetical friend is pretty nuts and is lacking a fundamental understanding of how you find a happy relationship.

    Reframing your next major career decision as a far lower-stakes choice makes the number of options exciting, not stressful. And now you have to actually make the move. The Yearning Octopus can help. As we discussed earlier, your behavior at any given point simply displays the configuration of your octopus. Your conscious mind may have tried to assign lower shelf ratings to the parts of your octopus that lean towards inertia, but your yearnings have rebelled. To fix this problem, think like a kindergarten teacher.

    In your class, a faction of the 5-year-olds is rebelling against your wishes. What do you do? Go talk to the 5-year-olds that are causing the trouble. Describe to them the insights you gained from your Reality Box reflection. Remind them about how connecting the dots works and about the chillness of dot 1. Until you do, your life will be run by a bunch of primitive, short-sighted 5-year-olds, and your whole shit will suck. Trust me, I know. Plunged into darkness, heat and chaos, the stranded staff endured five days of terror and confusion. While stories of valor and clear-thinking emerged the entire NICU was evacuated by helicopter with every baby saved a darker picture emerged as the flood waters receded.

    After all staff and patients had been evacuated, 45 bodies were discovered in the hospital chapel — the highest number of any of the New Orleans hospitals caught in the flood. Autopsies revealed a deadly level of morphine and other sedatives in the bodies of a number of the deceased, and patient records determined that these drugs had not been prescribed. What was determined much later, through detailed investigations and even the free admission of several of the doctors — was that seriously ill, fragile patients were euthanized instead of being evacuated, because there seemed to be no way to move them out of the hospital.

    Their continued presence and stubborn clinging to life meant the staff could not leave the heat-choked, stinking hospital. Ewing Cook, p. Memorial Hospital, Photo Credit: Infrogmation. Creative Commons license. The majority of the patients who received the high doses of morphine and midazolam occupied the floor of the hospital set aside for nursing home occupants. But even a younger, very obese patient was euthanized. Many patients were alert and cognizant. Several had family members present who were forced away from their bedsides — either by police who were supervising the evacuation, or by staff members.