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As of [update] , the case relating to Darfur, Sudan , opened in , is the only pending investigation that is genocide-related.

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Warrants to arrest Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir , former president of Sudan , were issued in and The case remains in the pre-trial stage as the suspect is still at large. One of the first accusations of genocide submitted to the UN after the Convention entered into force concerned treatment of Black Americans.

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The Civil Rights Congress drafted a page petition arguing that even after , the United States had been responsible for hundreds of wrongful deaths, both legal and extra-legal, as well as numerous other genocidal abuses. DuBois presented this petition to the UN in December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

General Assembly Resolution Main article: List of parties to the Genocide Convention. Signed and ratified. Acceded or succeeded.

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Genocide portal. Retrieved 16 January Iraq - Saddam's Road to Hell - A journey into the killing fields. Archived from the original on 5 June Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 11 August Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This was once again due to Lemkin, who was an active supporter of the ratification on a global scale.

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He died of a heart attack at the age of Despite being considered as a Nobel Prize candidate on several occasions, he fell into oblivion for many years. Today his impact on genocide studies is well-known and respected: the modern scholar can hardly imagine any book or article in genocide or Holocaust studies without references to Raphael Lemkin.

His concept of genocide — broad chronologically and conceptually — is also present in the work of other current historians. But even intensively speaking of Lemkin and underlying his role as the father of the Genocide Convention — we run the risk to simplify his work. To try to understand the complexity of the term, the political and social factors of bringing it onto the international agenda and at least to using or avoiding that in the present times — we have to risk a deeper look.

Otherwise we lose the ability to learn and interpret a fascinating and complicated story. Only the toxic black ink itself. We must strive to understand the nuances of history rather than falling into the trap of oversimplification and ease of understanding.

A Legal Distinction between 'Genocide' 'War Crimes' and 'Crimes Against Humanity' - William Schabas

I am especially interested in the interpretation and communication on this matter between Poland and the Western European Countries and international instances after In order to contextualize my research in a broader chronological frame, I wanted to analyze the war and postwar debates about definitions of mass murder of WWII and attempts to prevent the crimes and punish the perpetrators with the help of an international criminal law context. The second category of sources I could also work on was the impressive collection of Raphael Lemkin papers.

This article was made possible thanks to a Fellowship of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure.

The Genocide Convention

John B. This legal text considers a range of topics concerning genocide: the outlawing of it, prosecutions under statutes, its legal environment, intention in genocide, victims, the scale of genocide, techniques, state genocide and the need for genocide as a legal term. The Contours of Genocide. Genocide in Crime Codes. Prosecuting Under a Quasigenocide Statute. Prosecuting Without a Genocide Statute. Local Genocide. Targeting Important Persons. Targeting Political Opponents. Ethnic Cleansing and Genocidal Intent. Ethnic Cleansing in the Courts. Pandurevic Case No IT Courts of Rwanda.

Prosecuting Under a True Genocide Statute.

Holocaust and Human Behavior

Prosecuting in International Courts. Suing in the World Court. Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime.