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It has historic prominence with a cluster of over protected buildings. The houses of local residents are characterized by a traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard with a screen wall facing the gate. Built in , it is one of the best-preserved folk buildings of Bai Nationality in Dali. Here, there's a small auditorium which can show you the Three-Course Tea Performance, a dramatic tea ceremony in Bai Minority.

Have fun in the Zhoucheng Village in 23 kilometers north of Dali. As the largest village of Bai Nationality in Yunnan, it well keeps the traditional customs of Bai Nationality, making it known as "the Living Fossil of the Bai Customs". There is a minority market here where the villagers sell their handmade batik products.

Setting out from Dali to Lijiang by private vehicle, arrival after 4 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency. Walk around in the Ancient Town of Lijiang. It is a large Naxi settlement first built during the Southern Song Dynasty about eight centuries ago.

South of the Clouds: Travels in Southwest China

This town is one of the few places in China with well-preserved old style folk buildings. Appreciate the Museum of Dongba Culture , a comprehensive national folk custom museum which is characterized by the Naxi Dongba Culture and includes history, nature, and art contents. Based on copying the courtyard of the Ancient Naxi Nationality, the Museum of the Dongba Culture became an ancient building whose main building area is based on the complex of courtyards. Climb the Wangu Pavilion which is located on the top of the Lion Hill. Completed in the late , its name Wangu comes form Wengu in Naxi language that means "on the hilltop".

This meter-tall wooden building is mainly sustained by 16 columns of 22 meters respectively and boasts ten thousand Chinese dragon carvings. It has five stories and each of them has independent eaves. Setting out from Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge by private vehicle, arrival after 2 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency. Legend says that in order to escape from a hunter, a tiger jumped across the river at the narrowest point 25 metres wide , hence the name.

At a maximum depth of approximately meters from river to mountain peak, it is one of the deepest and most spectacular river canyons in the world. Walk on the Hiking Path of the Tiger Leaping Gorge which is also known as the High Road and climb the mountain, for it can show you a grand view of nature and snow mountains.

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On the halfway of this road, there's a simple Tea-Horse Inn providing you a place to pass the night. In the next morning, you can watch the sun rises from top of the snow mountains in the other side of the sky. Then, going down this mountain can lead you to the middle part of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. This trip is only reserved for the sporty tourist. Setting out from Tiger Leaping Gorge to Shangrila by private vehicle, arrival after 3 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency. It is one of the 13 large lamaseries in the Kangzang region the joint area of Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan as well as the most important monastery in southwest China.

Enjoy the Napa Lake Lake behind the forest , a seasonal alpine lake situated some 8 kilometers north of Shangri-La County, and one of the rare subtropical swamps and marsh meadows in Yunnan Province. It's also a wetland natural reserve as a true paradise for all types of birds, most especially for water fowl. In spring, the higher, drier parts of the reserve is a prairie landscape carpeted with flowers. Well, in late fall, non- harvested vegetation gradually changes to yellows and browns, turning to be the Yila Grassland, the biggest Spring Pasture in Yunnan.

Setting out from Shangrila to Kunming by air, arrival after 1 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency. Setting out from Kunming to Shanghai by air, arrival after 3 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency. It's considered as the city's symbol since the s.

It is often referred to as "the museum of buildings" as many different styles of European building can be found here. Stroll in the Nanjing Road. It is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world. Wandering in this east part of the Nanjing Road which is Chinese First Commercial Street, you can enjoy a big melting pot picture of large commercial buildings accompanied with hundreds-of-year old store, boutiques and specialty shops.

Stroll around in People's Square. It is in south of Nanjing Road and north of Huaihai Road.

SOUTH OF THE CLOUDS by Bill Porter | Kirkus Reviews

It's the site of Shanghai's municipal government headquarters building, and is used as the standard reference point for measurement of distance in Shanghai municipality. Visit the Shanghai Museum , one of the four major museums in China. As a museum of ancient Chinese art, it possesses a collection of , precious works of art. Its rich and high-quality collection of ancient bronzes, ceramics, paintings and calligraphies is specially celebrated in the world.

Now, it has developed to be the oldest commercial district that has lots of restaurants, snack bars, antique shops and handicraft shops and so on. Walk in Yuyuan Garden , a personal garden in Ming Dynasty Constructed in the period of Emperor Jiajing's reign of Ming Dynasty in and completed in , it fully reflects the architectural style and design of Chinese classical gardens. Visit Xintiandi , an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment neighborhood. Occupied by trendy bars, restaurants and shops, the area is now a top nightspot for the locals and tourists.

It's built on the base of Shikumen lilong residences which are traditional Shanghainese architectures combining Western and Chinese elements in the s. Shikumen lilong residence is the symbol of Shanghai's modern architecture and the architectural evidence of international influence on Shanghai.

Wander in the French Concession , the earliest, biggest and busiest concession among the four French concessions in modern China. Have fun in Pudong Area , a new open economic development zone. Located in the east of Shanghai, it has emerged as China's financial and commercial hub since the beginning of its development in The World Financial Center is the tallest skyscraper in China, the fifth tallest one in the world and the tallest flat-roofed building in the world.

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It is a mixed-use skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and ground-floor shopping malls. Ascend the World Financial Center Building, you can get a bird's-eye view and see how small the world is. Setting out from Shanghai to Suzhou by private vehicle, arrival after 1 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency.

It is a representative of the artistic characteristics and cultural value.

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Climb the Tiger Hill , a large hillock standing 36 meters high and covering an area of some 14, square meters. Going up to the hill, you will find a number of historical sites, including some from 2, years ago. Visit the Suzhou Silk Factory. For over 80 years, the Suzhou No. Visits to the silk factory include a tour of the facility, a lecture about silk production, a workshop on making silk goods and a visit to the factory's showroom.

Stroll through the Pingjiang Road. Anciently known as Wu, it's the cradle of Wu culture. Walk in the Pingjiang Road, which is a classic water alley with long history, you can not only enjoy the fantastic garden landscapes, but also see what the real life is in Suzhou. Setting out from Suzhou to Shanghai by private vehicle, arrival after 1 hour s , and this transportation will be at the charge of our agency. Setting out from Shanghai to your home by air, arrival after?

Please tell us what you want. We will arrange your itinerary according to your wishes. Always free to modify till satisfaction. Our tour consultants will reply to you within 24 hours. About Us Contact Us. Select a travel itinerary from our website 2. Submit your request to our agency 3. Customize your itinerary 4. Get tourist visa with our help 6. Pay off the balance of the trip 7. Start your journey. D01 your home - Shanghai by air? Waiting for transit at the airport for another connecting flight.

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    Overnight at Yangshuo Riverside Retreat Hotel or similar. Go on a country bicycle tour. Go for a walk in the fields. Overnight at Longji Ping'an Hotel or similar. Watch the sun rising from the other side of the terrace fields. Overnight at Sanjiang Dongxiang Guest House or similar. Overnight at Zhaoxing Indigo Lodge or similar. Overnight at Xijiang Langyuntai Resort Hotel or similar.

    Visit the Kaili National Museum. Transport and see off to the railway or bus station. Meeting and pick up at the railway or bus station. Overnight at Kunming Jinjiang Hotel or similar. Get caught up in the dancing at the vibrant Miao Lusheng Festival. Includes captivating new destinations not covered in any other English-language guidebook. Chapters dedicated to gateway cities Beijing, Honk Kong and Shanghai , minority cultures and adventure activities. A Documentary-Style Film. Contact About Amazon Afilliate. Shopping Bag. No products in the shopping bag. Usually ships in 24 hours. Share on Facebook Pin this item Email a friend Tweet this item. Spesso comprati insieme. South of the Clouds: Travels in Southwest China.