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The term has become so common in the hedge fund world that it even merited a mention in a recent episode of Billions , the hit Showtime show about a hedge fund mogul. Peter Barakett was in Hawaii on his honeymoon in when he got a frantic call on his cell.

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The investor, a European billionaire, had plunked down millions in a new tech company whose owner had suddenly become unresponsive to phone calls and emails. Could Barakett check him out? He then went to a local bank and set up instructions to receive money from the client, hired some private investigators, and set to work. As it turns out, the man Barakett was tasked with investigating — who used a variety of aliases 14 in total — was in jail in the U.

He had also been convicted in France and indicted in Canada for securities fraud. The investor was able to get his money back from the jailbird, and Due Diligence Consulting was born. The success of Due Diligence Consulting, or DDC, is proof that plenty of dirt can be found through strictly legal means, if people know where to look — and are patient enough to go through the public record.

As far back as his law school days, when he worked as a researcher for a law professor, Barakett says he began to realize how inconsistent and flawed some of the information from the various databases can be. Their weaknesses gave his firm a profitable niche. To prove the point, he points to a Wall Street Journal article stating that some 7 million felony convictions, about 25 percent of the total, are missing from a federal database.

They stick to the public record. A former lawyer, Barakett has a simple standard.

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Listening to Barakett talk about some of his wildest cases gives some idea of how easy it is for people to fall through the cracks during cursory due diligence. The man was in college at the time of the thefts, which were from the university. It decided to walk away. Another case involved a Bear Stearns executive whose murder conviction had previously gone undetected because, Barakett suspects, a casual background check either did not look at records in every state he had lived in or checked the wrong name or date of birth.

Work for activist hedge funds is a particularly revealing task, according to Barakett. Stick to publicly available sources, so the investigation is under the radar and not obvious to the other side. Lawyers like Liekefett are often tasked with hiring the investigators — for good reason. Of course, finding out someone is a murderer or a thief is one thing. But the personal lives of executives are in the zone of privacy that some say should be off limits.

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While DDC does virtually all of its work through public records, others simply hit the phones. These firms typically hire former journalists and not licensed private investigators.

If you make enough calls and are relentless enough, it will work. If you message 20 people, maybe you engage with five of them. They want to be in the loop. It can be a challenge to be successful without resorting to what she considers unethical behavior — like paying for information. Firms like the one she works for keep a low profile, with little to no social media presence. The size and structure of the fund decide the positions which is where the candidate would be eventually placed depending upon the academic credentials and skills.

The hedge fund job positions generally include being a junior trader; strategist; analyst; quantitative; software developer; risk manager; and in various administrative roles. To finally get into any of these roles and enter the hedge fund careers will require certain credentials and preparations which have been discussed in the below infographics. Apart from these, you need to have a strong feeling of the financial markets and sense the changes and act accordingly.

The most important quality expected is credibility as you would be handling huge sum of money coming from public. There cannot be a very typical hedge fund career path or hierarchy in the hedge fund organization strategy as it depends a lot on the size. There could only be two titles such as the analyst and portfolio manager excluding the fund manager. For bigger firms compared to this, they could have more complex structures which could include multiple portfolio managers, managing directors, intermediate vice presidents etc. Have a look at the hierarchy and their role below starting with the highest position first;.

Like in the case of career as a hedge fund analyst we have Junior and Senior level traders, A junior trader would have a degree and about two years of work experience. After working for five years or so, they might move up the ladder to become a senior trader. Within the traders clan we have the execution traders who execute the trade or ideas of the research team and there are there are others who do both the tasks of generating ideas as well as implementing them.

You may find the salary numbers in hedge fund jobs unusually high but of course, there are many others who make much less and many more who fail altogether. All who participate in this industry take on high risk. It would eventually boil down to skill, timing and a little luck. In a recent salary review of starting compensation for recent graduates of the largest MBA programs, the highest average starting pay was in hedge fund jobs.

The most interesting hedge fund jobs that don’t require industry experience

Source: Robert Half Salary guide Hedge funds careers are here to stay in fact the industry is going to grow and get competitive with time. But is very important for you to be sure for the reason you want to get into hedge funds. Would it be the work or money? Make sure the work excites you and not just the money.

Good luck to you as you envisage a Hedge Fund jobs.

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