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The wife and mother was Hirmina. It must have been so nice to be part of such a family, Rook thought, to have brothers to play with; to grow up in the busy bustle of old Undertown, free from the tyranny of goblins or Guardians. His gaze lingered on the portrait of the youngest son. There was something about the dark eyes and forthright set of the jaw that seemed oddly familiar. The bloated drunkard he had become was unrecognizable.

Rook watched him with a mixture of pity and disgust as he heaved his great weight across the floor. Once again, this book is simply packed with action, cunning plots, devious schemes, and scary situations. Stewart gets rid of the two main groups of antagonists in this book quite well. As gruesome and violent as their end was, the picture that Riddell drew of their fate was both chilling and spectacular.

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He makes it quite clear simply by facial expressions and body language that the two groups realize how hopeless their situation is. The characters are still very well-developed, with the exception of the villains, unfortunately. Vox is perhaps the most nuanced, but even he is a bit flat. Vox Verlix: Evil mastermind or puppet?

Vox continues the fast-paced action that was seen in The Last of the Sky Pirates , which bodes well for the last book in the trilogy. While lacking a bit in places, it is still a worthwhile read and one of the best in the series. It is the first book in the Rook trilogy. He dreams of becoming a librarian knight—one of those sent out to explore the mysteries of their world. Somewhere out there lie the secrets of the past—including the lost floating city of Sanctaphrax—and, maybe, hope for a future free from the fear of tyranny.

When his chance comes, Rook grabs it! Breaking all the rules, he sets out on a journey to the Free Glades and beyond. Bloodoak what? Around her neck glinted an ornate pendant, the centre-piece of which was a glistening red tooth. For a second, it hovered there, its sails fluttering and flight-weights swaying. Then, as the wind took it, Rook pulled on the pinner-rope and the skycraft suddenly came to life and surge upwards into the crisp morning air. Nothing could have prepared Rook for the thrill which raced through his body as the skycraft climbed ever higher.

Not the buoyant lecterns, nor riding the prowlgrins as they leaped from tree to tree—nor even his brief flight with Knuckle. This time, he was in control. The Stormhornet responded to his every movement, dipping and swooping, rising and looping, utterly obedient to his command. It was exhilarating. It was awesome. Cover Art 2 Hello, Rook! Hello, mysterious stranger behind him! Hello, blurriness that I apologize for!

One of the things I love about the book is all the little nods at the Twig trilogy that came before it chronologically. It gives that extra little bit of nostalgia and recognition. This book is simply packed with Stuff That Happens. The Rook trilogy is more connected together, I think, more cohesive, than the other two, and this makes for a thrilling read when you start with the first book in this trilogy and continue on. The characters in this book are slightly more nuanced than the ones that came before it.

Because this book is so full of things getting explained and set up, it does tend to drag a bit. The Last of the Sky Pirates is one of the more detailed Edge books, with the promise of more action to come in the rest of the Rook trilogy.

The Last of the Sky Pirates (Part1) - The Edge Chronicles (The Rook Trilogy)

It is the first book in the Quint trilogy. Here, they unwittingly invoke an ancient curse—the curse of the gloamglozer. High up above, beams of dim light streamed in through a circle of arched windows and criss-crossed the shadowy air. And as the floating rock of Sanctaphrax—fixed in place by the Anchor Chain—turned slowly in the breeze coming in from beyond the Edge, so the light swooped and the shadows danced.

The spindlebug paused for a moment at the foot of the sweeping staircase and looked up.

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The atmosphere in the tunnels grew warmer, stuffier. The humming grew louder while the hissing faded. The air glowed a deeper, darker red. All at once Quint rounded a bend to find that the professor had stopped in front of a stone door set into the solid rock, no more than a few strides away. There was a low, grinding noise followed by a soft click—and the door slid open to reveal a vast, dimly-lit cavern.

Craning his neck, Quint caught a glimpse of the curious sight within. There were countless gleaming flagons and glass spheres, all swaying at the ends of long, glowing stem-like tubes that protruded from the curved walls, and in the very centre of the chamber a huge glistening sphere, seemingly woven from light, hovered in mid-air.

The Edge Chronicles

I enjoy reading this book. The creatures are wonderfully creepy an eye-sucking blood-red monster and the ever-so-evil gloamglozer and imaginative a see-through butler bug! Little shards of flashing light! A lemkin! The book takes place on an old site Sanctaphrax but there is still that element of newness the stonecomb, the Library in it. Maris and Quint crawl through some tunnels. Quint is almost killed in a fire and simultaneously gets over his fear of it.

Oh no, a curse! Maybe my opinion will change as I read the other two, but as for the first book in this new trilogy, The Curse of the Gloamglozer , while enjoyable, is mediocre compared to some of the other books in the series. Midnight over Sanctaphrax is the third book sixth chronologically in The Edge Chronicles. It is the third and final book in the Twig trilogy. It was published in by Random House. In its path is Sanctaphrax—a magnificent city built on a floating rock and tethered to the land by a massive chain.

Only Twig—a young sky pirate captain who has dared to sail over the Edge—has learned of the approaching danger. The blurred object became solid. It looked like a sky ship. But what was a sky ship doing out there, untethered and so far away from land?

Scarcely able to believe what he was witnessing, the professor pulled away, removed his pocket handkerchief, and wiped his eyes. He spun back, grasped the telescope and peered back down the sight anxiously. There was nothing there in the swirling depths. With trembling fingers he played with the focus. Still nothing. And then…The professor gasped. From the point where the sky ship had been—at least, where he thought it had been—several bright balls of light were spinning off into the dark sky.

He crouched down on the floor and placed his ear against the dark varnished wood. His face clouded with sorrow. Cowlquape rolled off the hammock and joined Twig on the floor. As his ear touched the wooden boards, the sounds became clearer. Hopeless wailing. Cover Art 2 One of the best scenes in the book.

Stewart has the knack of making each book fresh by introducing new characters, creatures, and new places with each book. Stewart is really hitting his stride here, delivering stronger and stronger writing with each book. Also, Cowlquape is awesome. They are good books, yes, but there is nothing in them that really stands out to me like in the others.

Twig sometimes seems quite a bit more mature and knowledgeable than he did in Stormchaser , which is odd because Midnight starts right where Stormchaser left off. Midnight over Sanctaphrax is a strong conclusion to this mini-trilogy. The Twig trilogy is not my favorite of the three mini-trilogies, but it is a great start to the series. S t ormchaser is the second book fifth chronologically in The Edge Chronicles. It was published in by Random House and is the second in the Twig trilogy. Both the land and the air are filled with strange peoples and terrifying creatures; action—and danger—await at every turn.

On board the famous sky ship Stormchaser, Twig eagerly looks forward to the adventure and excitement that lie ahead in his new life as a sky pirate. Beneath the pall of filthy mist which hovered over the town, fuzzing the rooftops and dissolving the sun, its narrow streets and alleyways were alive with feverish activity.

There was ill-tempered haggling and bartering; buskers played music, barrow-bows called out unmissable bargains, beggars made their pitiful demands from dark, shadowy corners—though there were few who paused to place coin in their hats. Rushing this way and that, everyone was far too wrapped up in their own concerns to a spare a thought for anyone else.

Getting from a to b as quickly as possible, being first to nail a deal, obtaining the best price while undercutting your competitors— that was what succeeding in Undertown was all about. You needed nerves of steel and eyes in the back of your head to survive; you had to learn to smile even as you were stabbing someone else in the back. It was a rough life, a tough life, a ruthless life. Warnings: There are some creepy and disgusting and disturbing creatures that do creepy and disgusting and disturbing things. The plot is much better developed than in Beyond the Deepwoods. We get to see more of the various creatures and cultures that inhabit the Edge, going beyond the Deepwoods ha to visit four more places, each with their unique population and customs.

Stormchaser is quite an improvement over the first book, which is a good sign for the rest of the series.


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Their conversations are perhaps the least developed in the book, in my own opinion. Stormchaser continues the brilliant, beautiful worldbuilding that was first glimpsed in Beyond the Deepwoods, while improving on plot, conflict, writing, and overall enjoyment.

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This is how I rank the trilogies so, leaving out The Immortals overall, from most to least favorite: 1. Rook 2. Quint 3. Twig Sorry, Twig. This is how I rank the books, from most to least favorite: 1. Freeglader 2. Clash of the Sky Galleons 3. The Last of the Sky Pirates 4. Vox 5. The Curse of the Gloamglozer 6. Midnight Over Sanctaphrax 7. The Winter Knights 8. Stormchaser 9.

Beyond the Deepwoods The Immortals Whew, that was tough! See you next week! Like this: Like Loading And out beyond the dread Nightwoods, in the fabled gardens of Riverrise, a one-eyed waif jealously guards the life-giving waters of the mystical Riverrise spring… Swept up in the maelstrom that follows, Nate and a small band of intrepid friends must set off on an epic journey that will lead them into terrible peril.

Quint, how regal you look! Quint, how cute you look! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Goodbye, Rook trilogy. I will miss you. You look quite fierce. Cover Art 2 Rook! Look out! An evil mastermind is behind you! I smell a plot device right here….

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Cover Art 2 Quint! Look out behind you! The gloamglozer laughs at you, simple plot. The seventh title in this spectacular fantasy series - and the triumphant conclusion of the Rook Barkwater sequence. Fleeing from the ruins of New Undertown, Rook Barkwater and his colleagues - the librarian knights, Felix Lodd and his banderbear friends - must lead the escaping population to a new life in the Free Glades. But perils aplenty are ahead for the crowd - not to mention some goblins with plans of their own- A dramatic and exciting conclusion to the Rook Barkwater sequence that takes the reader on a thrilling journey across the Edgeworld.

Paul Stewart. Paul Stewart is a highly regarded author of books for young readers - everything from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror. Together with Chris Riddell, he is co-creator of the bestselling Edge Chronicles series, which has sold over three million books and is now available in over thirty languages.

Chris Riddell. Amongst other titles, Chris illustrates the Ottoline young fiction series and the Goth Girl series, as well as working closely with Paul Stewart on the Edge Chronicles and Wyrmeweald. The Edge Chronicles go from strength to strength. Mentions the Edge Chronicles. Chris Riddell has once again created detailed, sometimes disturbing, and always entertaining artwork which can be found throughout the book.

Our Lists. View all online retailers. About the Authors Paul Stewart Paul Stewart is a highly regarded author of books for young readers - everything from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror. Read more. It's very readable.

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